Ethically Made: What does this mean to us at noni bee?


When we say ethically made, there are 3 different realms that we are considering (the people involved in production, environmental impact, and the consumer)

It is important to us that the people involved in the production of our garments have fair wages and good working conditions. This is why we choose US manufacturers to produce our fabrics and garments.

noni bee fabric is milled with GOTs certified organic yarn. More pesticides are used to grow cotton than any other crop; using a quarter of all petrochemical-based pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides globally. We choose organic cotton to help reduce our chemical burden on the planet.  In addition, producing fabric and garments in the US means that less resources are being used to transport these goods.

Our consumers purchase garments that are lasting and well made. They are sized generously to last for more than a year and are made from high quality fabrics so that they will survive to become hand me downs.

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